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Hello Tat,

As a matter of fact, I unpacked and used (almost) everything from the order on a two week trip around the southwest... The bottle opener arrived after I had departed, but I'm sure it'll work out just fine once I find a solid place to mount it.

I was really impressed with the super siphon, used it more than once to drain the lukewarm water from my cooler without removing the cooler from the back of the truck where it was strapped in. Also used the siphon to draw water from a 20-liter jug to clean up my pots, skillets, and dishes after meals. Definitely a great purchase for the trip. Everything else from the order was top-notch, well packed when it arrived, and your e-mail confirmations were very prompt.

Kudos to everyone at Off Road Trail Tools, I will definitely be passing along the good word to my fellow four-wheelers and explorers!
--- Gary Waddell

Hi Tat Marcy,
I have unpacked your shipment and the packaging was perfect and everything appears to have arrived in great condition. The product is just as advertised and I am very pleased with everything! Thank you very much!!!
Aja Melody

The barrel bag is excellent - perfect for TP. And everyone loves the Jeep business card holder!
Angie R

Brian Haubenschild


Thanks Tat,
Everything was great! The special bags fit perfectly and the socket holders got everything in one place, just what the doctor ordered. I will be ordering some more goodies soon.
Take Care,
Jerron Hull

Installation went great. Works perfectly. See attached pictures of installation.

Hello Tat,
You bet I have used it. Thanks for the quick service. All is well! By the way, do you have any catalog to include other products? I have a bunch of 4x4's and a coral full of early Broncos. Thanks and Best Wishes. I really appreciated our phone conversations.
Hal Sealund

Hi Tat,

Thank you for the follow up,

I got the package a while ago.
Tool rolls I ordered were exactly as I wanted them, great quality and now full of tools.
I will happily recommend them to everyone,


Sorry it took so long for me to reply. My wife bought the jeep handles for me as a gift. I am really enjoying your handles and they are holding up great.

My only disappointment that I have is that I was under the impression that I was getting four handles and not two. My wife bought
2 handles because both of us were thinking that your product came in pairs. Most other "oh shit" handles from other companies are sold in pairs, so thought it was the same for your company too. I was a bit disappointed but figured it was my own fault for not looking closer at your product description.
Great product and superb craftsmanship. Glad I did my homework and found your company.

Compton, Luen N III

Yes it was! Item purchased were as expected. The rubber isolators work great on the D ring, keep them from knocking. Thanks!
Wagner, Cor

Everything was fine I guess. I am in Iraq so I will find out in September when I get back. I know it was received. Thanks for the reply. Not many companies will take the time to see if the product was even received. You stand alone and hopefully your business will excel because of it.

The items work great, thanks so much for having a speedy order sent to us!
Gerik Bensing

Hey Tat, thanks for the follow up. I installed the grasp handles a few days after receiving them. They work and look great, just as shown in your videos. I'm very pleased with the product, thanks.

-Adam Karsten

Yes sir, appreciate the prompt service.

Howdy, I got it unpacked and everything looked great. I bought some spouts for my Wedco cans and haven't gotten to use them yet. I'm waiting on a swing away for my FJ Cruiser All Pro rear bumper and then I can start carrying the fuel and water cans with me. Thanks for the fast service and the follow up email.


Everything came in fine but have yet to test out any of it yet. But it has been packed away and enjoyed the freebies as well!! Cool stuff, thank you!

Thanks Tat, Alls good, wrench roll-up's really nice.

Been off-roading a few times with the new stuff. Get lots of compliments on the gnarly grips. People complain to me that they have bought other ones from other companies and people think those are junk, but everybody likes yours. Hopefully I have found some new customers for you. I am impressed with the larger tool kit, but luckily haven't had to use it. I was also impressed with the broken c-clip recovery tool, but haven't had to use it. I can weld and fabricate and at one point thought about making my own, after seeing yours. Hell no, yours is beautifully made and mine would never turn out that nice. Reasonable priced when you look at it and can see what work goes into it. I bought it for our off-road group, in case anyone breaks, since everyone runs rear c-clip axles. My next order with you will be for the large first aid kit. Hopefully we will never have to use it but I think it is important to have with on the trails. Glad I saw you add in four-wheeler.
Eric Kimbrough

Hi Tat - I received it just as you promised - along with a couple of nice little bonus items as well - thank you very much! I will get some pictures out to you soon. Take care!

Hi Tat
The storage bags I got from you were just what I needed and expected. They are at work behind the seat of my 1999 TJ and are way better than the plastic tool boxes I had before and they fit in that small space so nice with space to spare for lunch. Thanks, I will keep you in mind for future tool needs

Hello Tat,
Thanks for the follow up. The grips look and work great. The shirts were an added bonus. As I add more and more to this JK, you will be hearing from me soon. Again, thanks for everything.
David Patuto

Yes, I was happy with the products I ordered. Surprised and pleased with the level of service. I'll be back!
Lyons, Mike

They are awesome, thanks (Talking about the ORTT grab handles # 5401)
Dan Kunz

Yes, everything has worked out great. I plan to order more items in the future.

Thank you, everything is great. I will be back to you in the future.

Very happy with everything and I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again in the future.
Gary Fullington

Thanks for the follow up. Great product and using it.
Don Baag, MD

The brackets exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.
James Grant

I have unpacked and installed both of the items ordered and am very happy with both of them.
Tom G.

Yes I have, Holds all my wrenches and more. Much better than having them float around in my bag.

Brian W.


To the staff at ORTT,
I have received my order, and I am very happy with the product.
Thanks for the speedy delivery and great service, and look forward to doing business with ORTT in the future.
Thanks James M.

The (First Aid) kit was just fine. Hope we never have to use it much. See you down the trail.

Folks at ORTT,

Fine flashlight.


Jack Shepherd

Everything in my order was exactly what I was hoping for. I am still in the process of getting my roll cage installed, so I have not been able to do anything beyond a small test with the grab handles, but it looks like they will work great with my 1.75" tube.

Thanks for the great product and I look forward to ordering more stuff from you guys in the future!

Andrew Hubert

I did receive my order and everything was absolutely perfect. Great quality and great price. I will be back for more.
Donna Marthaler

Yes Tat, the order arrived on time and it was just as advertised.
Thank you for checking in.
Giorgio Davanzo

Hi Tat and many thanks for your e-mail, I do appreciate!

I just come back from a short trip in North Africa with my Land Rover and the Flashlight arrived the day before I left, so I could use it for the journey.

Great device, combining unbelievable light power and small size... and always available fully charged.

Have a great day.



Hi Tat,
Thank you for asking – everything is o.k. –the order arrived very fast and without complications - the grab handles are a really though product!
I mount them on my 08 Jeep Wrangler JK 2.8 CRD (I know – you do not have this engine in USA)
Here is a pic from my Yellow Rubi:
What can say – you company offers a very good customers service!!!
Greetings from Germany
Grammatis Ritzalis
Your web page looks great, made me want to shop. When I opened the air nozzle I purchased from you, I had reservations about it when I saw that there was not a hole in the center of the tip. Well, I love this thing. Not only is great with the variable cfm from the handle, but what a difference when I blew my garage out. It has so much more output than anything else I have.
Take care,
Greg Pasqua
My husband and I had the opportunity to try the 5 gallon beverage cooler cover on our camping trips the past 2 weeks. The cover worked great, saving us time that we (when I say we I really mean my husband since I always make him go get the ice) didnt have to spend going to buy ice and money we didnt have to spend buying ice or using gas to drive to a store or gas station to get it.
Normally during our camping trips I am constantly moving the coolers around to keep them in the shade and out of direct sunlight. During this trip I left the coolers in one spot all day long, resulting in at least 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight everyday. I would say overall that we only went through half of the ice we would normally use on a trip of this length. If both coolers would have had insulators, we would have used even less.
Dave Badgett
We just got back from our week long 4 wheel drive trip up in the Sierras! The ice in the cooler lasted all week thanks to your cooler insulators! What an amazing product...Thank you,
John Heyman
On the O.R.T.T. video - grab handle strength test, winching & pulling

Awesome demonstration! --- Bert C.

Very cool! I think you should try and pick the jeep up off the ground using the grab handle. --- Nick G.

That's an awesome test. --- Aaron W.

Good test of the product for sure!! ---- Bennie F

Those look cool, and they are cheaper than Robbie's ( Mastercraft ) . --- Bo N

The site is looking very good, and that is an amazing video. It is incredible that it is only a handle carrying that much weight. Very impressive. --- Mike

Cool Tat, but try it going over a boulder and see what happens, just for grins & giggles --- Wayne @ MORP

No other company has the Cajonies to test thier grab handles like this!! Dave

That is awesome! --- Bear@ Tag Motorsports

Nicely done. Ill be doing a winch test next month. Do you want us to do our own test? John H @ Crawl Magazine

I personally know Tat, the owner of Off Road Trail Tools, and I can personally vouch for ALL of his products. They are ALL AWESOME. These grab handles are the best product out there, and they are a great price! --- Georgia

just bought a set yesterday HIGH QUALITY --- 1bdrubi

I've got a pair; of grab handles too! Yeah, he is a nice guy!! I want to get one of those tool rolls they sell next! ---- stickbuddy
Thanks. We did; the tool rolls are awesome; I plan to buy more from you soon. The water jug brackets are great. The under the hood oil container was a pain in the culo to install, but it works well--that's a pretty neat innovation. I buy lots of stuff online; I gotta say that your company provided the best customer service and follow-up that I have encountered over the years. It's hard to please a lawyer who's been practicing law for 30 years, but you guys succeeded. If any of your customers want an opinion of your parts and customer service, you are authorized to have them contact me via email.
Gene Yale
Well after adding the cage I realized I needed some grab handles to get myself up and out, also, they beat using the steering wheel to pull myself in.

I picked up my first one at TDS Desert Safari this past spring from I really liked it. I finally got around to ordering another one.

IMHO, these are the best grab handles on the market.

Scott Roush
The fold down tray table is outstanding and everyone I have shown it to loves it.
George Pandoff
Haven't had the opportunity to use the work surface yet.( Fold down tray table) It looks very sturdy though and I think it's a very useful idea for those of us who enjoy extended camping in our Jeeps. The tool roll is currently seeing use with me in Turkey. It makes a great, organized carrier for some of the specialized tools that I need to carry and I'll certainly be ordering a few more when I return to the states. Thanks very much for the great products, and also for the satisfying customer service.
Emerson Lamb
I am really happy with the socket holders I have put them on some local forums. They are all real tight and hold the sockets well. I tested them by throwing one on the floor the last time I went wheeling and let it bounce around. Not one socket even loosened up. I did use a little silicone to get them on.
What a great product. I will be getting some more items shortly.
Matt Hadfield
Hi Tat,
Thanks for the follow up. I really appreciate the great customer service.
Yes, the items I ordered are just as expected. In fact the tailgate table exceeded my expectations by a fair measure. The design and fabrication is first rate. That said it would be great if you offered a version of the table that was wider for use on a TJ tail gate when the third brake light components have been removed. It is very OEM.
The water can brackets are great as well. I am actually using them in an LJ and it was not problem getting them to mount appropriately.
Troy Mault
Everything was perfect. Thank you very much for taking the time to follow up.
--Justin Stoffregen
Thanks for the follow-up.
The cooler covers are GREAT (
I just canoed down the lower Colorado River with my son carrying a single Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler, in dark forest green. Because we were in the sun all day and on the water I bought the cooler cover to stretch my ice as long as I could. The ice lasted from Friday morning until the following Thursday night (the ice was melted but the water was still brine cold). On a typical mountain camping excursion I am able to keep my two coolers in the shade with the outdoor daytime temperature between the 60s to 80s during the day, so they last a week. This trip the temperature was in the 90s and the one cooler I brought for the trip was in the sun almost all day.
Great product.
Thanks again. Joel Svoboda
Yes, Tat, all was good! Thanks for the follow-up...we like the way you do business!
Sue Holden
All was well.
I hope to not have to report back about the C-clip tool as I dont want to break another axle. Though it appeared to be quite beefy enough to hold a 37 on my 86 fill size blazer, long enough to get to a better spot to repair it. I love the fire extinguisher mounts, quick fits, and will be getting some more. I will likely use 2 for each to overbuild it and to be able to mount them in more places.
Joe Webb
Hi Tat, thanks for the follow up email! I appreciate it. The tool rolls are great! What a great way to organize important stuff between vehicles. I wheel an 82 cj5(so you know how limited space is) and drive a 99 Cherokee so to be able to transfer stuff for the 2 of them depending on trips is great. The quality of the material and the stitching is first rate and I will be definitely be recommending to fellow wheelers! Thanks again!
Mike Rayos
Thank you for your prompt despatch and excellent prices for both delivery and the products themselves.
Great doing business with you.
Thanks again.
Michael Williamson
Hey Tat,
Yes I did and I am very happy with it, now I just need to save for three more grips :)
Thanks for the great service!!
I've been meaning to get back to you. I did receive the grips, thanks. I went on vacation right after I got the package and didn't get back to you promptly. They look great, much better than my current grips. . I love those tee shirts.
Thanks again,
Ralph Hassel
Hey Tat,
I have been very happy with all of the products too. The tape actually, and thankfully, was not used on my truck though. We had a line crack at my work, and I decided to try the tape out. It obviously is not a long term fix, but it worked long enough for me to get the job completed.
Take care.
Nick Courtright
"Thanks for the parts for my Wrangler. Absolutely AWESOME customer service! THANKS!"
"Additional, he purchased the tailgate table. (Travis's brother Troy) I must say, it is extremely impressive. A table on the tailgate has been something that I was going to build for a long time. Now that you have one, it will be so much easier to buy yours"
Travis Mault
"Thank you for the prompt delivery. You guys are great."
Richard Felix
"Those tool bags are great. I also love the Jeep business card holders too"
Scott Brady, Expeditions West

"Not my business, but I do have one of their tools. I got it at Absolute Offroad's grand opening, and actually have used it on the trail. It was kind of a gag, but works surprisingly well. The description of use is pretty good. I got too be the "cover boy" too!"

Lance Kenyon

"I picked up one of those at TDS, keep forgetting to take it out though.............
They make some pretty cool stuff, picked up a business card holder for the desk as well"
Rich @ JPCooler
"Your Products are great by the way. Everyone in the shop was really amazed"
Alex Diaz
"Got it. Yes, it meets my expectations! Looks good."
Chuck H.
"The trip down to Baja was great. Had a good time. Your water jugs and brackets worked great. The half size jugs makes it easier to haul them in and out of the Jeep. Also it got some weight off the tire carrier in the rear"
Paul Childers
"Very cool product" <referring to the fold down tray table>
Jake @ T and J Performance
"The table itself is simply awesome. The materials and workmanship are supurb! It is such a great piece of gear... I don't know why no one has done this before"
"The tailgate product( which I think is an awesome product)"
Frank Ledwell, editor for JPfreek
"I received the console cover and it's fantastic. I will buy something else from you sometime because I like good honest people"
Steve Shaw
"Thanks again for the info. I received the box and all the stuff I ordered and am very happy with the products. I very much appreciated your customer service and quality on this order. Too many times people just complain if something is wrong, but nothing was on this order, so I just wanted to let you guys know that I will forward your company name any chance I get and will not hesitate to order from you again."
Nick Courtright
"We received them yesterday and they look great" Grab Handles for SEMA 2007 JK Jeep
Jerad Anderson, National Sales Manager for Delta Tech Lights
"Hey Tat
Wanted to say we really enjoyed having you at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. The fingers were a big hit on Big Saturday.
After finally getting things squared away here I was able to look at your web site, gotta say WOW, I have a major big wish list now. You have some really cool stuff I need to add to all of my rigs. So will be making another order in the near future."
Tom McCready
"Being a professional mechanic and a crew chief and fabricator for Rick Thomas Racing, I have to say I impressed with the fit and finish of the parts we received. I look forward to getting our next order together"
Jeff Ferguson
"Cool Jeep parts, not the usual stuff you see everywhere else."
Erik Trujillo
"I would highly recommend the Gnarly grab handles to everyone. Kathleen thinks there the best she ever grabbed a hold of. If they where red they would be better. LOL."
Jerry Johnson
"Thanks for the quick delivery of the grab handles. I'm mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership and noticed the quality of the handles to be like O.E. parts. The wife and girls like them so much better than the Mastercrafts one we had before. The first time my wife used them she said they don't pinch my hands like the old ones."
Ryan Jonsson
"I own a machine shop and am picky about what I bolt on my Jeep. Really liked your parts. You must be a bit twisted to come up with some of those ideas. But very, very useful parts. I will be ordering more. It's less expensive to buy them from you, then to have the guys out back make them. Thanks again."
Ben Machamer, Protofab
"Just a quick note to say how much we all like the grips. One of the best purchases we've ever made." Now I know why they call them Oh-Sh!t grips.
Kevin Schulttr
"I had the opportunity to meet Tat and check out all of his neat gear at EJS this last month. All I can say is 100% top notch goods, both in concept and construction. Lots of stuff on the site I didn't get to see at EJS"
Kurt Williams
Cruiser Outfitters
"I have known Tat for a few years now and he has some great stuff. Some of the items are well thought out and are much better built when you get them in hand. if you are ever at a show or Jamboree in the Southwest, keep in eye out for his display. Worth going over and checking them out."
Oh, and the Spotter's Hand tool rules.
John Hunter @ Hunters Off Road
"We used the cooler cover that we purchased form your store this last weekend. We very pleased with how much longer our ice lasted. Thanks for the great service and the fast shipping."
Wayne & Mabel L.
"Hi Guys, I bought my husband one of the tailgate tables. It's way neat. We use all the time to fix the grand kids lunches, and ours too. I'm never fixing another gritty P&J sandwich again, unless the winds kick up. Thanks for making our tailgate useful."
Ariane Jones
"Tat @off road trail tools def has imaganiation!! He builds all the cool tools that everyone else never thought of and he is good people! "

Hopefully he will Return to Jeep Jam 3

Oh yeah I have that spotting tool to

Jason @ AirPark Chrysler Jeep